Good Grains Can Grow A Greener Environment.

Ontario's grain farmers are not only committed to keeping the food on Canadian tables safe & nutritious, but to growing a greener, more sustainable future for farming. 
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Protecting Our Environment

Sustainable Farming that has a real impact

Ontario’s grain farmers are committed to preserving biodiversity in the areas where they farm, including protecting the local soil and waterways that keep our fields healthy, our food safe, and our communities sustainable.
35% increase in land use efficiency
Ontario grain farmers increased land use efficiency for winter wheat crops by over 35% from 1981 to 2011. That increased efficiency means a greater yield on a smaller environmental footprint.
Using 28% less energy
Our soybean farmers have decreased energy usage by 28% since 1981. That means we use less energy today to grow and harvest soybeans than we ever have.
Saving 170M litres of fuel each year
Conservation tillage saves over 170 million litres of fuel each year. That’s the equivalent of taking 122,000+ cars off the road or powering 93,000 homes.
35,000 farmers
have implemented sustainable practices
Since 1993, the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program has helped more than 35,000 Ontario farmers develop and implement more environmentally sustainable practices on their farms.
Decreasing cropland in high-risk soil
The use of Ontario cropland with soil at very-high risk for erosion has decreased from 33% to 17% since 1981.
Improving land use by 39% for corn crops
Strong yield increases have led to 39% improved land use efficiency since 1981, growing more corn on the same amount of land.
See how our nutritious Ontario-grown grains are benefiting the environment while feeding Canadian families
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Justin Bell
Ontario Grain Farmer
"I grew up farming near Lake Erie, and I want to make sure future generations are able to as well."

Keeping the Food on your table safe & Nutritious

Ontario’s grain farmers care about the quality of ingredients they put on Canadian tables. The 28,000 farm families across Ontario know they have a responsibility to deliver the high-quality, sustainably-grown grains Canadians expect from our country’s farms and they take that responsibility seriously, ensuring every crop is planted and harvested with care. 
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Our Stories

See what local grain farmers are doing to support a more sustainable future for Ontario.
Fighting Climate Change
Getting to Net-Zero

Grain Farmers are part of Canada's Climate Change Solution.

We also know we have a responsibility to future generations and that quality and sustainability go hand-in-hand in the future of farming. Grain farmers are not only part of Canada's economic recovery but part of Canada’s climate change solution. Our crops capture carbon in the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen – reducing harmful greenhouse gases (GHG) and supporting Canada’s climate change goals. But to reach our full potential, we need government’s help.
See How Government Can Help

How Government Can Work With Local Farmers

We’re asking Canada’s next government to help keep Ontario’s grain farmers competitive so we can continue sustainably producing the high-quality healthy foods that feed Canadians while creating a greener environment.
Creating Business Risk Management Programs That Work For Grain Farmers
We need risk management programs that give grain farmers the flexibility to grow, innovate, and introduce new sustainable practices and technology while remaining competitive.
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Creating A Low Carbon Toolbox That Helps Achieve Net-Zero Objectives
We need a low-carbon 'toolbox' for grain farmers that keeps our sector competitive while ensuring sustainably-sourced grains will help Canada achieve its net zero targets. 
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Removing Trade Barriers and Supporting Markets to Keep Grain Farmers Competitive
A level playing field that ensures local farmers committed to sustainability can compete against subsidized imports not subject to carbon-pricing or other sustainable practices.
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